Time Shapes 2

An exhibition of paintings and soft sculptures by

Carolyn Griffiths and Karen Williams

at Art Studios Gallery 22 March – 2 April 2017

391 Mann Street N. Gosford 2250|artstudios cooperative.org| 61 02 4339 3349

open 11 – 4 wed-fri, 10 – 4 sat/sun


NATURAL FORMS is an exhibition exploring art that evokes our connection to the natural world. Not as mere documentation, but an investigation into the spirit of nature, scratching below the surface to expose its tactile being. After contemplating the contours and complex intersections of vegetation, rocks, seeds, headlands, vistas or undergrowth large and small one comes to see textures:  scattered, twisted branches, scaley bark, smooth, subtle colours. New worlds reveal themselves in clumps of fallen trees, exposed bare roots, seeds and their casings scattered & blown around. These forms are the inspiration for my works and Karen’s tactile sculptures.

DSC04163              DSC04234

Working with Karen has given me inspiration and a different perspective on the three dimensional scope of natural formations. Her soft, beautiful very tactile works have influenced my use of colour, shapes and texture. For this exhibition I have used a blend of materials: paint, charcoal, pastel, paper and techniques to make statements about the nature of natural forms, their essence.

img_3630                img_3621-2

img_3632              img_3617

below the surface 1

Collageberries         Collagepalms 180


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