About the Artist

Eco Arts Conference April 2019

Artist Background
Carolyn has created and developed many multi-arts performance works and visual creations employing a range of art techniques and elements, including video over the last 30 years.

Throughout this experience, she has also painted and experimented with visual arts media and taught in schools, the community and universities in Western Australia, New South Wales and the United States. Now painting and art making is Carolyn’s creative outlet and passion. Her work features in many exhibitions and private collections in Australia, the U.S.A and Canada and has been shown in numerous solo exhibitions in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney as well as group exhibitions primarily in Perth and some throughout Western Australia.

After a major move to the Central Coast of New South Wales from Perth W.A., Carolyn changed the focus of her works and evolved new colours and techniques in response to living in a new environment near Lake Tuggerah. Throughout her career she has had many solo and joint exhibitions and participated in many shared exhibitions at the Art Studios Gallery, The Art House Wyong and The Corner Gallery Stanmore and numerous others. The move of Art Studios Cooperative to the Bay Gallery in Ettalong has been a wonderful challenge and stimulus, working alongside fellow artists. The Bay Gallery has hosted exhibitions during 2019 and continues into 2010 with many new iniatives.

Her studio is at Chittaway Point N.S.W.

Views of Earth

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