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Contemporary Fine Art

Based on  the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia, Carolyn’s work is included in private and public collections in Australia and overseas. A number of recent and new works are showcased on this site and are for sale. Carolyn is a mature artist with many exhibitions held over the last fourteen years. She works from her studio at Chittaway Point and also spends time at the Bay Gallery at Ettalong Beach NSW, Australia.

See more of Carolyn’s works at:

The Bay Gallery- Art Studios Cooperative http://www.artstudioscoperative.org100th Gallery Melbourne Australia| http://www.100thgallery.com/  |0413001234

Wild Twig Studios Perth Western Australia

carolyngriffiths5 on instagram.

NEWS 2019

This year I have been especially interested in making work based around the environment and nature. The works centre on vegetation and ecology and weather based events. Some are painted and my tree and lake series are digital works sourced from photographs of my paintings and other photos. Exhibitions I’ve been involved in over the last five years have included works with these themes.

Exhibition at the Art House Wyong

With two other like-minded artists I participated in an exhibition at The Art House Theatre foyer. It was a wonderful month-long time with 12 shows and many visitors and very good feedback.

Three Ways of Seeing is an exhibition by three Central Coast artists that explores the beauty and disordered order of the natural world, reminiscent of places that are of personal significance to each artist. With over 70 works, the exhibition provided visitors many visual ideas to the Art House with a wide array of works to view.

It runs from 15 April – 17 May at The Art House WYONG. Opening hours: 10.30 – 5.30 weekdays and during performance times. For enquiries contact 02 4335 1485 http://www.thearthousewyong.com

ECOARTS 2019 Wollongong

In April this year I attended the Ecoarts Conference in Wollongong. My works Time Shapes 3 and 4 were chosen for display. It was a wonderful few days with papers, keynotes and workshops. I’m looking forward to the next one. find them on http://www.ecoartsaustralis.org

My works at the conference, sample art from workshops, display wall at conference opening.

The Bay Gallery Ettalong Beach

Artists from the Arts Studios Cooperative have moved to our new home at the Bay Gallery. We’ve been here since March and have had very good responses to our new location.

We held our first exhibition in May and there were plenty of people, work sold, great music and a successful night for all.

Works above L-R After the Cyclone-40x40cm $$450

Cyclonic Waves- 99 x99cm $1000

Cloudscape 1 and Cloudscape 260 x60cm $600 each (discount for the pair)

New Works-Exibition 2016

For information regarding new works, contact the artist.

Please leave a message on my CONTACTS page.

Carolyn Griffiths Exhibition
9. Saltmarsh Rythms
IMG_1795 (2)
2016-04-20 15.18.46
2016-04-24 08.56.10
2016-04-20 15.43.08
beyond blue hills 1

Line 1 L – R: Lakeshore Symphony $650 framed, Shoreline Reminiscence $650 framed.

Line 2 – L-R: Ripples and Reflections, digital print framed, $300|Reflections of Samphire, digital print $300 | Lakeshore Current digital print framed $300.

Line 3 – L-R: Beyond Blue Hills, mixed media framed $500 | After the Rains mixed media, $750

About the Artist

Eco Arts Conference April 2019

Artist Background
Carolyn has created and developed many multi-arts performance works and visual creations employing a range of art techniques and elements, including video over the last 30 years.

Throughout this experience, she has also painted and experimented with visual arts media and taught in schools, the community and universities in Western Australia, New South Wales and the United States. Now painting and art making is Carolyn’s creative outlet and passion. Her work features in many exhibitions and private collections in Australia, the U.S.A and Canada and has been shown in numerous solo exhibitions in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney as well as group exhibitions primarily in Perth and some throughout Western Australia.

After a major move to the Central Coast of New South Wales from Perth W.A., Carolyn changed the focus of her works and evolved new colours and techniques in response to living in a new environment near Lake Tuggerah. Throughout her career she has had many solo and joint exhibitions and participated in many shared exhibitions at the Art Studios Gallery, The Art House Wyong and The Corner Gallery Stanmore and numerous others. The move of Art Studios Cooperative to the Bay Gallery in Ettalong has been a wonderful challenge and stimulus, working alongside fellow artists. The Bay Gallery has hosted exhibitions during 2019 and continues into 2010 with many new iniatives.

Her studio is at Chittaway Point N.S.W.

Views of Earth